Exposiciones realizadas


13 looks against gender violence

Encrypt Aina, AntoniaBorras, Siquier Antin, Catherine Gelabert, Chris Pink, Hope Mas, Francisca Llabrés, Adrover Margaret, Mary J. Prisons, Maria Soledad Cladera, Rosanna Meadows, Grafenhain Silvia, Veronica Benito.
Fechas: November 22, 2012
Lugar: Gallery Artmallorca C Missio 26 Palma
Página web: http://www.artmallorca.es


Graefenhain S.

Dear friends:

Artmallorca is pleased to invite you to the next exhibition of the artist Silvia Graefenhain
October 25, opening at 19.
They can visit the exhibition until November 17
From 16.30 to 20.
Space Artmallorca C Mission No. 26 Palma.
It will be a pleasure to have your presence.

Warmest greetings.
Francisca Llabrés - Miguel Angel Benito
Fechas: Opening October 25 at 19 pm
Lugar: C Missió 26 Palma
Página web: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=300717570042603&set=a.300717263375967.72483.100003130886405&type=1&theater


"Nit de l'Art" Joan Carrió VINTAGE.

Artmallorca is pleased to invite you to the next
opening of the exhibition of the artist John Carrio
Space Artmallorca C Mission No. 26 Palma
Opening September 20 "Art Night" from 19 hours
It will be a pleasure to have your presence.
Fechas: From 20 September to 18 October
Lugar: C Missió n º 26 de Palma
Página web: http://www.joancarrio.com


Exposure Jordi Canyellas, Desfigueresions

Exhibition of artists painter, showing his latest Jordi Canyellas large format works on paper. DESFIGUERESIONS
Great welcome and sales success in the audience attending the induration.
Fechas: From 07/11/2012 to 04/08/2012
Lugar: C De la Missiò nº 26 palma de Mallorca
Página web: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=260877370693290&set=a.260877330693294.59330.100003130886405&type=1&theater


Opening the exhibition gallery of outraged collective

Invitation to the opening of "ART MALLORCA", Gallery, Shop and Workshop.
A project integrating art, Perfumes and Jewels.
Outraged with exposure
Butler shell Cheryl Carrera Felipe Montenegro Francisca Llabrés Isabela Lleó Maria Jose Prisons Jordi Cañellas Lola Martinez Macias Maria Uribe Rafael Caldes Roig de Diego Sandra Cristiansen Sandro Thomàs Silvia Graefenhain Toni Amengual Totte Mannes Veronica Banito.
Fechas: 14 de Junio al 3 de Julio
Lugar: C De la Missió nº 26 Palma de Mallorca
Página web: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=258303520950675&set=a.258303490950678.58321.100003130886405&type=1&theater